HABPanel Universal Keypad Widget

Created a universal keypad for openHAB’s HABPanel interface. You can see the discussion here: Universal Keypad

Code is now open-source (GPL v3) here: GitHub/LuckyMallari

The key here is to make widget simple to use and edit by users so a large settings page was created. The entire widget also uses no Javascript code and is purely handled by events and techniques using AngularJS templates. All logic is done in the template itself. Requiring no JS code will be beneficial to new users with little to no experience in Javascript, particularly AngularJS





Settings page


Style-able through settings or CSS




Responsive design

First post!

Hi there folks! First post! Making history here.

I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts and ideas here, whether it’s as complex as circuitry, as confusing as code, or as plain as describing what farting feels like.  I don’t write as much as I code, but hopefully I’ll be able to convey my thoughts in words exactly how I think of them so bare with me.

I have a few plans already lined up for the site. First, update the theme as you can see, it’s still the default one.  Still unsure though; I actually like the theme. It’s simple and elegant. I’ll create sections for coding, Arduino/IoT or electronics in general, Speed section (thing cars and motorcycles), and a “family” page. I have done a lot of things in my years of experience in the IT world, so one-by-one if time permits, I will share them all with you.

But for now, here’s a small poem.

The Name

Leaves of clovers
Under a tree
Caressing flowers
Kissing thee
Years of faith
Many hope for
And love the life
Luck's open doors
Lark at the scene
And let happiness reign
Remember me since
It's a damn good name!