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Even though my attempt at OpenCV was successful, it took a long time to execute and finish. I tried finding “myself” in 13,000 photos. It took several hours to complete and it was only able to find me 11 times in 13,000 security camera images. While it was running, my CPU usage was at 100% the entire time. Mind you, I initially ran the code on my PC (i7-6700K, overclocked), and a GTX 1080Ti GPU, and CPU/GPU was still the bottleneck! So I knew I had to either increase CPU power, create better models, or simply give up with the face recognition idea, but I usually don’t give up so… 🙂 Here’s Intel’s version 2 of it Neural Compute Stick. It runs Myriad X as opposed to Myriad 2, and is supposedly 8x faster than the previous generation. It’s a Vision Processing Unit (VPU) that off-loads processing from the host’s…

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A simple HTML minifier for ESP/microcontrollers GitHub/LuckyMallari For embedded systems where memory is crucial, you’d want to save as much as possible. Even unnecessary spaces should be removed because every bit counts! What this code does is take your HTML code and minimizes it using regular expression. It DOES not minify the code like others do, it will simply remove unnecessary characters. I use this primarily for ESP when a simple html code will be served using a lightweight webserver. The magic happens here: