Monthly Archives: January 2018

A simple HTML minifier for ESP/microcontrollers GitHub/LuckyMallari For embedded systems where memory is crucial, you’d want to save as much as possible. Even unnecessary spaces should be removed because every bit counts! What this code does is take your HTML code and minimizes it using regular expression. It DOES not minify the code like others do, it will simply remove unnecessary characters. I use this primarily for ESP when a simple html code will be served using a lightweight webserver. The magic happens here:

Created a universal keypad for openHAB’s HABPanel interface. You can see the discussion here: Universal Keypad Code is now open-source (GPL v3) here: GitHub/LuckyMallari The key here is to make widget simple to use and edit by users so a large settings page was created. The entire widget also uses no Javascript code and is purely handled by events and techniques using AngularJS templates. All logic is done in the template itself. Requiring no JS code will be beneficial to new users with little to no experience in Javascript, particularly AngularJS Demo   Settings   Style-able through settings or CSS   Responsive